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Pytest to Slack reporting plugin


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You can install “pytest-slack” via pip:

$ pip install pytest-slack


  • Setup slack hook
  • Use this plugin by running pytest normally and use the following options to customize report:
>>> slack:
                        Set the channel name to report
                        Used for reporting to slack
                        Set the report link
                        Set the reporter name
  --slack_timeout=SLACK_TIMEOUT [DEFAULT = 10s ]
                        Set the timeout for sending results in seconds
  --slack_success_emoji=SLACK_SUCCESS_EMOJI [default = :thumbsup:]
                        Set emoji for a successful run
  --slack_failed_emoji=SLACK_FAILED_EMOJI [default = :thumbsdown:]
                        Set emoji for a failed run
  --slack_success_icon=SLACK_SUCCESS_ICON [default = None]
                        Set icon (a url) for a successful run. Overrides SLACK_SUCCESS_EMOJI
  --slack_failed_icon=SLACK_FAILED_ICON [default = None]
                        Set icon (a url) for a failed run. Overrides SLACK_FAILED_EMOJI


$ pytest tests –slack_hook=… –slack_channel=test_report_channel –slack_username=”Regression testing results”

All kind of problems:

Passed test:

$ pytest tests –slack_hook=… –slack_channel=test_report_channel –slack_username=”Regression testing results” –slack_report_link=http://any_address

Passed test with link:


If you encounter any problems, please file an issue along with a detailed description.